Sunday, April 29, 2012

Smodimations Is On Netflix, So Go Watch Now!

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Kevin Smith. His films inspired the celebratory waste of my youth — spending my days making off-color references to Star Wars, comic books, and the number 37. You'll likely see me bring him up more than once on this blog and I don't plan to be apologetic. What's the occasion today? I am raising awareness about Smodimations, the series of animations based on Smodcasts (Smith's podcast, duh!) by Steve Stark.

If you're keeping tabs, yes, the web shorts has been available on YouTube and DVD for some time, but recently the DVD made its way to Netflix streaming. For the modest price of a subscription that pretty much everybody seems to already have you can check out (what I consider) one of the funniest animation compilations out there. When you're done you can head over to that Smodimations channel on YouTube for season 2.

I suppose you can consider this a public service announcement. If you're a fan of Kevin Smith and his longtime partner in crime, Scott Mosier, and haven't caught the Smodcast/Smodimations train, then you have even less of an excuse. While you're adding Smodimations to your queue, make sure to add Red State. Might as well get all caught up on your Smithisms while you're there.

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